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Maria has a wonderfully rich life story of overcoming adversity, abuse and trauma and is a living testament to the transformation that is possible with a commitment to healing and discovering oneself. In both her career and personal life she has been an advocate for transformation along with being a facilitator of change, healing and growth in her clients on an individual level as well.

Maria’s passion lies in helping individuals to identify their own passion and purpose in life and to let go of the behaviours and beliefs that no longer serve them.

She offers a range of programs and services aimed at facilitating individual change.


Are you wondering what “affirmations” are all about?

Are you finding it difficult to change something in your life?

Do you notice yourself speaking negatively about yourself and not know why or how to change it?

Are you struggling to maintain healthy self-esteem?

Our FREE 4 session series on 'Making your Words Count' may help.

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