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Finding FreedOm

5 session coaching program for empowerment

Are you feeling stuck?

Are you feeling like you should be happy but you’re not?

Do you even know what makes you happy?

Do you know what your purpose here is?

What if you were born with a purpose for this life time which is unique and which you cannot, not achieve and you cannot not get right? What if all you need to do was to be the “you” you were born to be!

What if you were born perfect?

What if you lived your life in-spired, not dictated to by others around you, not fitting in with the crowd but completely doing what you came here to do?

What if what you came here to do was to experience life and to be happy?

What if you came here, on your individual journey and by simply choosing to do and be what makes you happy you are in fact fulfilling your highest purpose?

What if in fulfilling your highest purpose and calling you then impacted the whole world and every living thing?

What if simply by living in-spired and choosing to do what makes you happy this allowed everyone and everything around you the same freedom – to live and enjoy the life they were born to live?

What if you already are, exactly as you are, right now, living the life you were meant to live? What if every choice you have made has been for exactly that purpose – so that you can live your highest potential?

What if you haven’t got it wrong? What if you’ve just been looking at it in a negative way? What if you have just been living unconsciously, making choices without realising you are making them. What if you are the creator of your own reality?

Coaching Counselling Addiction

The “Finding FreedOm” program, uniquely, consists of 8 well- structured sessions which combine proven coaching and counselling methodologies to assist individuals to find themselves amongst all that is going on in the surrounding world and have the confidence to live a life of freedOm – the life they were born to live.

The purpose of this program is to hold space for you to connect and inspire you to live the life you were destined to live, to discover your purpose and live it consciously and in-spirit! Beautiful, worthy and empowered inside and out!

For a (complimentary) initial discovery discussion to see if this program might be the one for you – contact Maria via the link below…. No obligation – just a whole lot of potential opportunity

Your commitment:

5 x 1 hour weekly coaching sessions either in person or via Skype/Zoom or Facebook video link.

Willingness to do at least 1-1.5 hours homework each week to implement the tools provided within the program

Willingness to be honest, open and allow yourself to be held and set free!

Your Investment:

$1,400 up front payment

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