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“I see you – I feel you – I love you”

Empowerment comes from knowing ourselves – connecting to our purpose and having the confidence and love for ourselves to live the life we were born to live.

All too often we have become entrapped into living a life that is expected of us, living a life that is demanded of us and we have lost sight of who we are and/or what we really want.

Maria Hutchison has a wonderfully rich life story of overcoming adversity, abuse and trauma and is a living testament to the transformation that is possible with a commitment to healing and discovering oneself.

In her published book “Facing Maria” she shares courageously about the lengths she has gone to in her life to discover her purpose. Order your copy today:

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Maria offers an 5 session coaching program designed to help and assist individuals find the freedom to live a life they love:

Finding Freedom  

Maria is also available for one-on-one holistic counselling and coaching on a per-session basis.

For a (complimentary) initial discovery discussion to see if this program might be the one for you – contact Maria via the link below…. No obligation – just a whole lot of potential opportunity

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