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Maria Hutchison

“holding space for connection… moving the world to freedom…”

Accredited Life Coach; Reiki Master; Meditation Teacher; Diploma in Addiction Counselling, Certificate in CBT, Published Author

Certified Change Management Practitioner; Dip of Management; Cert IV Frontline Management

Master NLP Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Master Time Line Therapy Practitioner

Maria Hutchison is a behavioural change expert, specialising in abuse and addiction

A professional and accredited life coach and addiction counsellor, reiki master, and meditation teacher operating in Australia. She works with individuals and groups to facilitate healing, hope and freedom to all who are ready to change their life.

Utilising personal life skills and career experiences along with extensive training and accreditations Maria brings an authentic and inspiring style to personal change. She provides her clients with tools to change their life and helps them find the courage to make and sustain the changes they have always wanted to make.

Maria has a wonderfully rich life story of overcoming adversity, abuse and trauma and is a living testament to the transformation that is possible with a commitment to healing and discovering oneself. In both her career and personal life she has been an advocate for transformation along with being a facilitator of change, healing and growth in her clients on an individual level as well.

With a career as a people leader within a corporate environment and more recently in life-coaching and addiction treatment, Maria has had the opportunity to play an instrumental part in the career development, personal transformation and success of many different people and souls. This has enhanced her own personal growth and provided her with a wealth of personal reference points and experiences to offer to her new clients.

Maria’s passion lies in helping individuals to identify their own passion and purpose in life and to let go of the behaviours and beliefs that no longer serve them.

Maria has a down to earth approach which appeals to people from all walks of life. She offers a safe and non-judgemental, personalised service to her clients to help them grow and develop with freedom.

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