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Re-connection for Loved Ones

“Alongside every individual in active addiction, are loved ones who find themselves being held hostage, misunderstood, taken advantage of and/or simply forgotten. Many are blaming themselves for something they don’t understand and which simply ‘doesn’t make sense’” MH

This program is designed specifically for loved ones of addicts.

Whether you find yourself in a friendship, a partnership or a family with someone who is suffering from the disease of addiction it inevitably takes a toll on your health and wellbeing. You may find yourself dis-connected from your loved one, from society and even from yourself and your own purpose.

Maria has designed this program to honour and assist the loved ones of addicts to regain a sense of understanding and to regain a sense of identity and empowerment – regardless of whether the addict changes behaviour or gets help.

Held in a group environment, this program holds a safe space to enable participants to share, connect and become empowered and together rebuild a life of hope through understanding and ownership.

  • Are you feeling stressed, afraid and/or powerless as you watch your loved one succumbing to the symptoms of addiction?
  • Is your health is suffering as a result of this disease (anxiety, stress, depression)? Have you spent thousands of dollars trying to get your loved one to change and/or getting them help to no avail?
  • Do you feel as though you and/or your family or home is being held hostage by someone who is in active addiction?
  • Are you are wondering what you have done wrong or what else you could do?
  • Have you put your life on hold, stopped taking holidays, stopped working or changed jobs ‘just in case’?
  • If you simply don’t understand why your loved one is doing this to themselves and to you then it is time to change the only thing you can….YOU

    For a (complimentary) initial discovery discussion to see if this program might be the one for you – contact Maria via the link below…. No obligation – just a whole lot of potential opportunity

    Your commitment:

    6 x 2.5 hour, weekly group sessions

    Willingness to do at least 1-1.5 hours homework each week to implement the tools provided within the program

    Willingness to be honest, open and allow yourself to be held and set free!

    Your Investment:

    $795 up front payment

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    Payment plans also available as follows:

    $420 x 2 payments or $220 x 4 payments. Please contact me to arrange your payment plan

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    *All payments include GST

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