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Re-connection for the Addict

“If you’re not prepared to go within then be prepared to always go without” MH

This program offers 1-on-1 coaching/counselling for recovering addicts who have reached the 6 month milestone and are looking for what is next.

One of the challenges for a recovering addict is once the early detox and withdrawal is over, once there is a period of abstinence and the mind is starting to clear, one is often left wondering “is this all there is?” “who am I now?” “what’s next?” “am I going to spend the rest of my life just staying clean?”.

So much of ones identity and connection is as an addict, the black sheep of the family, the criminal, the failure or the dejected member of society. And so when we come into recovery it can sometimes feel as though we are more dis-connected than ever.

Rather than focus on what has been lost or what has been taken out of your life – this program 'Reconnection for the Addict' is about unpacking and creating a new identity – free from the adverse impacts of the disease of addiction.

An empowering program which is designed for a safe, deep dive into the limiting and restricting belief systems and behaviours that keep the disease alive and well despite being clean.

Building self-esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness and connecting with purpose. Maria has written and developed successful addiction programs for treatment facilities and this program brings an individual deep dive into the next phase of recovery.

For a (complimentary) initial discovery discussion to see if this program might be the one for you – contact Maria via the link below…. No obligation – just a whole lot of potential opportunity

Your commitment:

10 x hour weekly coaching sessions either in person or via Skype/Zoom or Facebook video link.

Willingness to do at least 1-1.5 hours homework each week to implement the tools provided within the program

Willingness to be honest, open and allow yourself to be held and set free!

Your Investment:

$1,500 up front payment

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Payment plans also available as follows:

$800 x 2 payments or $450 x 4 payments. Please contact me to arrange your payment plan

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*All payments exclusive GST

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